Discover Post Frame Buildings,

the Sensible and Affordable Choice of Building


Flexibility, durability, and efficiency combine to make post frame buildings the most sensible and affordable building solution available today for many residential and commercial building needs.


Cut Time and Costs


There are numerous ways post frame construction gets you under roof quicker and lowers your building costs. First, posts are planted in the ground, eliminating the costs and delay caused by a poured foundation. Construction can begin even when the ground is frozen, as long as the holes can be drilled with an auger. The rest of the framing goes up quickly, and before you know it, you're ready for trusses. This is the main reason why many customers are choosing post frame construction for their residential and commercial building needs.



Customize Economically


Post frame construction lets you step away from a cookie cutter building and choose the size, style, and design you want without paying budget-busting prices. Choose the style of architecture most appropriate for your business or your individual taste and pay less per square foot than you would for virtually every other type of building.

Post frame buildings can easily be finished inside and out with common building materials used in other types of buildings, such as vinyl siding, brick, metal, etc. The sky is the limit!



Be Efficient


Wood has high insulation qualities which far surpass those of steel or masonry. The natural "wall cavity" in a post frame building lends itself to easy installation of high R-value insulation for a highly energy-efficient building.



Build to Last


Post frame construction is a significant advancement in the centuries-old art of wood frame building. Wood treatment chemicals in the lumber prevent decay and retard fire. Following nationally recognized guidelines to assure the strength and structural integrity of every post frame building.  Post frame buildings are engineered to last and meet or exceed model building code requirements. Today you can choose a post frame construction for your new building and be fully confidant it will have the strength and durability you have a right to expect.


Are you looking for a garage, storage building, hobby shop, fire station, or a store or vet building?

Post frame is the clear winner when compared to other conventional types of construction—for choice of architectural style, for time and cost to complete, for time and cost to expand, and most importantly, for square foot cost of usable space.

Contact  Gober Post Frame Today. We offer complete turn-key post frame buildings and post frame building kits. A kit is the entire material package.


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